Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Every couple has that one big-ticket item on their wedding they’re willing to splurge on. Be it the wedding gown, the crazy wall of flowers at the reception, the expensive wedding venue, or even something unique like hiring a popular band or musician for that special serenade. While special items like this can make your wedding extra special, it can also cost you a lot of money. 

So if you’re bent on splurging on one or two items, it helps to cut back on other wedding items you aren’t particular with. 

We’ve come up with several tips and hacks to save you money on wedding invitations, flowers, the wedding venue, gown, and more! Some of these are practical but some might not occur to you while planning your wedding. Here we go: 

Wedding Tip #1 

Get Married on a Weekday or Sunday 

Most people like to get married on a Saturday because they think about the availability of their guests. But picking a weekday like a Friday will save you thousands on a wedding venue or for a rehearsal dinner. Sunday weddings, surprisingly, can be cheaper. Food and beverage during these times are also at a much lower price. 

Wedding Tip #2 

Skip the Envelope Liner and Pick The Right Cardstock 

We know having a creative wedding invitation is important for a lot of couples. After all, it will be your guests’ first taste of the festivities to come. But you can save money on your wedding invitation by opting to skip out on the envelope liner. For the card stock, use thick two-ply for the main invitation while using one-ply for the inserts and other items included. You could save up to $200 for every 100 invitations with this choice. 

Wedding Tip #3 

Create a Minimalist Wedding Invite 

Save more in your gorgeous wedding invitations by offering a minimalist paper invite and directing guests to a wedding website instead. You can save a ton on your wedding invitation suite by just having a single insert announcing the event and directing the guests to a website filled with all the details. On the website, include your rehearsal dinner details, logistics, transportation etc. 

Wedding Tip #4 

Buy Your Gown on Trunk Shows or Order Months Ahead 

It takes time to find the perfect wedding gown, but when you do find THE one, it’s extra special. Of course, the price tag of a wedding gown can get high real fast if you’re not careful. Experts suggest shopping on designer trunk shows to save between $100-$150 off on a wedding dress. There are salons who even throw free customization or size adjustment as well. You can also save a ton by ordering your gown 5-8 months ahead. This eliminates rush fees costing up to $500 or any last-minute alterations. 

Wedding Tip #5 

Buy Flowers in Bulk or Go Green Instead 

Using 4-5 types of flowers in your wedding not only helps create a uniform appearance but florists can also get deep discounts when they purchase one type of flowers in bulk. Alternatively, why not use plants instead? Greens are cheaper than flowers and they look amazing too! Besides, how many brides do you see carrying a gorgeous set of greenery for their bridal bouquet? It’s simply stunning. 

Wedding Tip #6 

Rent Stunning Jewelry 

This may seem odd but hey, if you want to look like a million bucks (without actually spending a million or thousands of dollars) this is the best way to go. High-end jewelry sites like Adorn lets you rent stunning jewelry for a fraction of the real price. Yes, you do have to return it but it will make your day extra special. 

Wedding Tip #7 

Limit Your Photographer’s Booking Time 

Instead of booking your photographer for a full day, say 12-14 hours, hire them for only 8-10 hours instead. This will allow them to capture all the important moments in your wedding and you won’t have to pay for the excess time during non-essential moments.

Wedding Tip #8 

Book a Second Shooter Photographer for Key Moments Only 

It’s important to have a second shooter photographer to make sure you have options (and backup) at your wedding. Instead of hiring them for a full day, why not book them to assist only in key moments; like the getting-ready shots, ceremony, or some venue shots and that’s it. They don’t have to stay all day like the main photographer so you won’t need to pay too much for their time. 

Wedding Tip #9 

Repurpose Your Ceremony Florals 

Wedding flowers are one of the top expenses when it comes to any wedding. To save up, use the decorative florals from your ceremony site to adorn and beautify your card table or the bar. Anything handy that can be moved easily works great for this. 

Wedding Tip #10 

Print Just One Menu Per Table 

Instead of having individual menu cards one each table at your reception, print just one, frame it in a beautiful but inexpensive frame, and display it. Guests can take turns checking it out and gushing over it. 

Wedding Tip #11 

Skip the Glass Vases on Your Tables 

Instead of glass, ask your florist to use plastic instead. Plastic vases now come in a whole lot of styles, colors and designs and your guests won’t even realize it. 

Wedding Tip #12 

Swap Flowers for Romantic Candles as Table Centerpiece 

Use romantic candles to cut down on flower costs. You can mix and match the height, inject tea lights or different colored short glasses to create a wonderful table centerpiece without splurging on florals. 

Wedding Tip #13 

Create an Amazing Buffet 

Staffing costs can rack up your wedding expense fast. Save by setting up a buffet instead. You can pocket up to $3,000 doing thing this instead of having a plate-in dinner. 

Wedding Tip #14 

Swap Pro Musicians for Graduate/Student Musicians 

Hiring pro musicians for your wedding can set you back a ton. Opt to get student musicians or graduate ones. They’re great for cocktail hour or during the ceremony, and they cost way less to book compared to pros. 

Wedding Tip #15 

Skip on the Custom Tiered Cake 

If the look of a cake isn’t important, you can choose a smaller display size then make up for it by having a stunning dessert bar. Alternatively, just serve out sheet cake. You’ll realize you could save a lot if you opt for this. You can even go for a naked cake since they cost cheaper and look amazing especially for outdoor ceremonies. 

These are just a few of the ways to save up on your wedding. Whether it’s creating custom wedding invitations, picking wedding florals, or deciding on the dress of your dreams, there’s always something you can do to save up. Once you have the savings, then you can spend it on things that truly matter to you on your wedding day. 

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