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Elevate your invites with My Lovely Store’s translucent Vellum Jacket Overlay. Perfect for upscale events, this overlay offers glimpses of your card beneath, enhancing its allure. For added sophistication, pair with a satin ribbon, classic wax seal, or a hint of rustic romance with dried flowers. Choose our Vellum Overlay for a truly memorable invitation experience.

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Unleash the beauty of your announcements or invitations with our custom Vellum Jackets, an ideal way to highlight your event in a stylish and unique way. Our invitation wraps are made from top-tier vellum paper (180-200GSM), offering a graceful and subtle aesthetic. With the jackets, you have the opportunity to add your personalized touch, be it a distinctive design, text, or artwork. Available in diverse sizes and hues, these jackets can be effortlessly matched to your event or theme. Elevate your invitations with these Vellum Jackets with wax seals, ribbons or dried flowers.