Wedding invitations are more than just a piece of paper you send out announcing your upcoming marriage. It’s a way to set the tone of your wedding and hint at the style choices you’ve chosen for your special day. And you have so many questions, which everyone’s answer is different! So how much should wedding invitations cost you? What is the average cost of wedding invitations? How much should I budget for wedding invitations? Oh, let’s not forget this, how much do nice wedding invitations cost? I know you want and deserve nice, oh very very nice wedding invitations. And you can! Let’s dive in!

As a couple, deciding over simple, classic, or custom wedding invitations can mean having to pick the paper, printing method, color, accents, and other minute details to make the wedding invite a little more unique. But of course, the more detailed and specific the invite, the higher the costs.

What Is The Average Cost of Wedding Invitations?

The correct answer is it depends on you! And also where you get your invitations from. The same quality if you don’t research well, you may end up paying 5 times or 10 times more. That’s true. But let’s say you’ve found a good wedding invitation maker with good reviews that you can trust. Still, it’ll depend on you how much it’s going to cost you.

Now, that may not sound helpful but hear us out. The cost of your wedding invite (and entire wedding, really) depends on your choice and style. For instance, do you want a big wedding with hundreds of people? Or do you want to keep it intimate with only family and friends? (seems like a lot of micro-weddings are happening due to COVID situation, so we’ll cover that in another post)

How formal do you want the occasion to be? Do you want to purchase premade wedding invitations or prefer a custom-made wedding invitation? Want gold foil stamped or have it printed in letterpress?

All these and more affect the cost of your invitation.

Another factor is the location of your wedding and where you are having the invitations printed. For example, getting married in New York City (Manhattan, to be specific) and hiring a local vendor can even cost an average of $70 per set. But thankfully, there are wedding invitation websites you can order your invitations, even custom handmade ones, for a fraction of that cost, with the comfort of your home. That requires you doing your research, just like the one you’re doing now ?

Some couples also make it a priority to set a cap on how much they spend on the wedding invitations. There are couples who spend between $5,000 to $6,000 on invitations while there are those who don’t go beyond $500-$1000.

Printing, Materials and Other Details of Your Wedding Invitation

As mentioned, the details like type of paper, finishes and other details will dictate how much your wedding invitation could cost. Below are some of the most common wedding invite details like the printing method and accents for you to consider. What is the average cost of 100 wedding invitations at My Lovely Store? It all depends on your preferences.

Wedding Invitations Printing Methods

• Digital Printing

Typically, the most budget-friendly; it’s as simple as placing the information on the invitation design and hitting the print button. Everything is done digitally prior to printing so you can edit to your heart’s content and choose as many colors as you like. For a set of 100 wedding invitations you can expect costs to be between $215 to $745.

• Letterpress Printing

Letterpress is becoming a favorite for many millennials. No doubt, a letterpress invitation stands out but it also means a lot of manual labor for the maker since they have to create custom presses for each color and design of your choice. If you go for this, expect to pay an extra $1-2/each for letterpress printing.

• Offset Printing and Thermography

Offset printing is a lot like digital printing except the inks are mixed separately before it’s transferred then printed through a press. The prints that come out are higher quality and often, you get the perfect shade of color you want.

• Engraving

Highly recommended if you want a formal, elegant, and embossed look to your invitations. The high cost of an engraved wedding invitation goes to the amount of labor it takes to make the invitation. Expect a price of somewhere $100 for every suite of 100 invitations.

Wedding Accents & Details To Consider

A few of the additional accents and details you can add to a custom wedding invitation are listed below. You can opt to have them as add-on or skip them, it’s up to you.

• Embossing and Blind Debossing

This is a letterpress process except without the ink. A blind deboss means creating a depression in the paper while an embossing means creating a raised text on the surface. This is perfect for adding family crests or monograms to your invitations. The price for this starts at $100 for every 100 set.

• Bevel Cut

Bevel cuts means having a 45-degree angle cut on the main wedding invitation. This allows edge visibility from the front compared to an invite that’s only edge cut. This runs for at an estimated $300 to $400 for every 100 invitations.

• Edging

Whenever the guest pulls out the invite from the envelope, they’ll easily notice this edging detail (usually done in a complementary color), adding an extra touch to your personalized wedding invitations. Edgings are a slightly cheaper add-on, running between $100-$150 for every 100 invitations.

• Insert Cards

Probably a favorite add-on for many wedding couples, an insert card can be a reception card or any other information the couple wants to include that doesn’t belong to the invitation. Wedding invitation inserts are priced the same way as invitations are, ranging between $150 to $500 depending on the type of printing method used.

• Envelope Liners

Almost all wedding invitations include a paper envelope liner inside. This can be a simple colored piece or one that features a pattern. Liners cost somewhere between $150-$400 depending on the type.

• Belly Bands

These are very popular details that holds all your wedding invitations suits. You can get them in any material, the most common belly bands is the vellum belly bands. Belly bands cost $125 to $400 depending on the material and the printing method.

As you can see, custom wedding invitation costs can vary. Don’t be scared about spending too much or too little because you’ll always find a common ground and plenty of options to choose from with wedding invitation makers.

For amazing choices like gold foil, different types of paper, and unique inks, make sure to visit My Lovely Wedding Store for a range of unique and beautiful wedding invitations at a great price point. Get custom, handmade and top quality wedding invitations fast and easy!

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