Individual Invitation Samples

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Individual Invitation Samples – Non-Customized

We hear you! 😊 If these below sound like you, then you need these samples:

– you have found an invitation that you love. (maybe two)
– you want to make sure the invitations look amazing in real before you order.
– you want to make sure the colors, materials, and touch are what you had envisioned.

This sample kit will include the exact or closest examples of the invitation you want, non-customized. For instance, you choose a 0.5mm clear acrylic with gold foil, we send you the samples that we have in our stocks. The purpose is for you to see and touch the invitations and see the quality and colors. You can choose as many as you want.

Please send a note of which product SKU you’ve liked the most, in case we have that in our stock, we’ll send that to you. If you want a premade and selected invitation kit, Please check out our MLS Bespoke Sample Kit. If you want to build a custom-made personalized invitation, then check out this custom invitation sample page.

Price $12.50

Choose Your Samples

Here you can decide which sample you want. These are premade invitations, non-customized. We'll send you if we have it in our stocks, if not, we'll either cancel your order or send you a similar alternative sample (we'll ask you first). If you need to order more samples, just add this to your cart, and then choose the other one and add it to your cart again...

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