MLS Bespoke Wedding Sample Kit

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MLS Bespoke Wedding Invitations Sample Kit

Yes, everybody loves this kit, and so will you! 🎁 If these below sound like you, then you could use this non-customized bespoke invitations sample kit:

– you don’t know where to start… It’s confusing! And the invitations all look so good!
– you’ve just got engaged, and want to get some samples to start your wedding planning journey.
– you want to make sure the invitations look amazing in real before you order.
– you want to make sure the colors, materials, and touch are what you had envisioned.
– you would like some inspiration… ⭐️

This pre-made bespoke wedding invitations sample kit will include various handmade and handpicked stunning invitations and envelopes (non-customized). They will come in a luxurious invitation box with monogram engraving with these items inside: different styles and thickness of acrylic invitations, real foil engraving showcase on different materials, velvet, vellum, and premium envelopes, RSVP and detail cards, vellum jackets, belly bands, wax seal, stickers, color swatches and more.

We’ve curated this luxurious wedding invitation sample kit for brides and grooms who want to see unique and beautiful invitations. This sample kit is also great for:

  • wedding planners,
  • event organizers,
  • agencies,
  • resellers,
  • designers.

We work with agencies, and also families all around the world to create their:

  • acrylic birthday party invitations,
  • holiday celebration cards – unique and personalized,
  • acrylic conference invitations,
  • acrylic certifications with gold foil engraving.

You’ve got the idea. Everyone Loved Them – Bespoke Invitations Sample Kit is a great start to plan your event.

If you kinda know what you want, and want to receive samples with specific invitation materials and colors, etc, then please check out the Individual Samples, or to build your custom invitations check out the Custom Samples.

Price $75.00
now, as low as $50.00

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  • Avatar


    So many samples!

    There are so many different samples in this kit. Different colors, sizes and types. Excited to order our invitations.

    April 10, 2021
  • Avatar


    Looove them!

    Looove it!! Absolutely beautiful, amazing quality tons of samples!! ❀️

    April 3, 2021
  • Avatar


    Wonderful amazing!

    I received a box filled with tons of samples of all different types of designs for invitations along with envelopes, detail cards etc!! They arrived very fast!! Jay has been wonderful amazing customer service and communication!!! I recently placed my order for invitations and I have no doubt they will be amazing!!! πŸ€©πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘°πŸ»πŸ’πŸ€΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

    February 26, 2021

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