Modern Vellum Handmade Wedding Invitation Set

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This beautiful invitation set as you see in the picture can be yours. Colors, wording, monogram, fonts, and foil colors can also be customized. (If you want to customize the invitations further such as materials, shape, size, or thickness, please contact us or fill out the custom invitation form at


Gold Foil


Silver Foil


Rose Gold Foil


Copper Foil


White Foil


Black Foil


Digital Color Printing

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Vellum Handmade Wedding Invitation

This invitation will impress you, your friends, and your family. Featuring stunning details and stylish fonts, our design collection beautifully complements your classy, sophisticated wedding style; personalized and made just for you!

Custom luxury invitations for any occasion. We have a few couple standard size invitations, but can be customized to any size and shape according to your preference for a small cut fee. Invitation types like acrylic and paper invitations can be chosen on the drop-down options on the product page. Envelope types like vellum and velvet can also be chosen with the selection tools. Mix and match, create any invitation suite you want with any type of material with any type of printing techniques. If you have any questions, shoot us a message. 

Rectangular Invitation: 13.6 x 19.6cm
Square Invitation: 16 x 16cm
Detail Card: 9.3 x 12.5 cm
Rsvp Card: 9.3 x 12.5 cm
Thank You Card: 9.3 x 12.5 cm
Favor Tag/Sticker: 8 x 3 cm
Table Number: 
Escort Card: 
Menu Card: 
Belly Band: 35 x 4 cm

Additional information

We use the best quality of real foil accents and engravings. The real gold foil makes a big difference when you see them and touch them.

We offer real gold foil because they look the best on our premium acrylics and paper stocks. Note that real foil is not only gold, rose gold, brass, silver, but there are also many other foil colors as well. Again, real foil looks the best on thick and textured materials and papers. 

For each unique foil stamps, a plate has to be created. For each plate, there is a $35 base fee +1/each card. Each plate can be used for as many cards.

Let’s say you want to add the initials of the bride and groom on the envelopes with an elegant font and monogram. This is $35 to create the plates for minimum 25 invitations orders. If you order 25 then the gold foil fee would be $35+$25. If you order 100, then $35+$100.

And if you want to add another stamping or decoration that needs another plate to be created then there will be an additional $35.

Is customization free?


What can we customize?

  1. Fonts and wording
  2. Design
  3. Font color
  4. Invitation color
  5. Envelope color
  6. Acrylic type (clear, frosted, matte)
  7. The real foil color (gold, rose, brass, silver, black, white)
  8. Frame Design (geometric, floral, or your design, etc)

 Oh gosh, I’m confused about pricing and ordering on this page. What’s the best way to get a quote?

Fill out this custom design and pricing form, the more info the better, and we’ll get back to you with pricing.

I have a unique shape invitation and envelope idea. Can you make it?

Absolutely. We can cut any material into any shape and size you want. For that we charge a $75 for knife fee for each unique cut.

May I use my own wording for the invitations?

Of course! 🙂 We will print whatever you’d like for us to print and the pricing includes this service.

Hmm, I want to change the design of the invitation, too, can you help?

Absolutely. Let’s say there are flowers and leafs on the design and you want to add hearts or starts, you’ve got it!

Can you print other foreign languages?

Yes, it is a free service, however, we do require you to provide us with the wording. You also agree to take responsibility for any mistakes, therefore we do ask you to check your wording thoroughly before submitting that information to us. And note that some fonts may not work properly in other languages. We advise that you offer us the font in your language in a .TTF file to avoid any possible confusion.

I have a small wedding, may I order less than 25 invitations?

Yes, you may case by case. Please contact us for a custom quote if you want less than 25 invitations and we will guide you to place an order on our site.

Can you print the return address on the envelopes and the guests’ addresses?

Yes, please contact us for details and quotes. Our envelopes are thick beautiful materials therefor we offer return addressing in the real foil stamping to match the quality. We also offer beautiful clear sticker labels in both digital print or real foil, and they are perfect for guest addressing.

Can you assemble the wedding invitations for me?

Yes, we can and the price for this service varies based on different designs. Basically, assembly varies from $0.50 to $1.50 per invite. Please contact us for the exact quote of the invitation assembly service that you want.

Do you offer other cards besides wedding invitations and enclosure cards?

Absolutely. We’re your one-stop wedding store. If you want to order other cards, such as menu cards, wedding programs, save the date magnets, bridal shower invitations, place cards, etc., we can easily custom make them suit your needs and requirements. Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Why does it say “as low as $2.80” for instance, but when I add 50 cards to my shopping bag, it shows a higher price?

Our price policy is the more invitations you order, the more affordable they each become. So, our “as low as price” is for the clients who order 500 invitations.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping with DHL Express service.

How long does it take for shipping?

It takes 3-5 business days to the USA.

Do you offer rush services?

Yes we offer rush service to prioritize your project, for $20, first come first serve. We prepare all the invitations immediately after your approval of proofs. If it’s a simple work, it would be done in 1-2 days, but we’ve done complex work, like 700 invitations with laser cut unique envelopes and it takes 1-2 weeks sometimes. 

What’s your return policy?

We have strict return policies for custom products. Please read here for details.

More questions? 💌 Send us an email

If you want you can order samples before you put on your order. Regular samples are pre-made invitations and envelopes for you to see how it will look like and feels like.

On the other hand, if you’d like to have your wordings, colors, and design of the invitations, then you can order the custom samples for $50. Similarly, if you want your own unique design for the envelopes, you can choose the custom envelopes for $50.

Custom sample orders will be counted as store credits, so after you put your order for the same invitations and design, you’ll receive a discount of what you’ve paid for your custom samples. However, note that if you decide to something else then you’ll have to pay the regular price.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the samples.

We love unique designs, so if you have something in your mind that requires %100 customization, new cuts, styles, etc, we’ve got you. Click here to order your unique samples.

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