Personalized Acrylic Spotify Barcode Phone Holder

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Personalized Acrylic Spotify Barcode Phone Holder

Our fully customizable acrylic phone holder with Spotify music barcode is the perfect place to prop up your phone! A custom, lightweight, acrylic phone stand for any smartphone. Easy to assemble/disassemble, each set comes with two pieces. Great for traveling or daily use. Features custom quality UV printing to add a personal touch. You can order exactly what’s listed or customize it and add your own personal image, message, quote, etc. This would make a great gift for all! Choose the thickness you want. 5mm, 3mm, or 2mm. Choose white, black, or any color you want. And choose any text to show. If you want to add the barcode send us the song you want, or we can pick a generic barcode for the title, but if you want a specific version of a song, please send us the URL of that song. How? Click on the three dots next to a song, click on share, and there you should see the “share link”.

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Customize Your Phone Holder

These phone holders are lightweight, durable, stylish, and perfect gifts!!! Everyone loves them! Customize them the way you want 😍 Your photo, your colors, your favorite song. For questions, message us at
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