Choosing your wedding colors can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, if you have a general theme you want to follow, picking your wedding colors could be a breeze. We’ve compiled a concise article you can use to picking the best color palette for your big day. 

How Important is Picking Your Wedding Colors? 

Having a color palette for your wedding makes coordinating your décor and other items easier. You can use the colors for your wedding invitations, the types of flowers to decorate your centerpiece or wedding bouquet and even the color of your bridal dress or bridesmaids gowns. 

Where to start… 

Pick a base color to serve as the most prominent shade. 

From bright, vivid yellow, earthy red, sleek royal blue to a blush pink, start by deciding on the base color of your color palette. Take into consideration the kind of vibe you want your wedding to have, is it light and airy, bright and happy or formal and elegant. 

Choose 2-3 complementary colors to serve as accent to the base color. 

These other colors will complete your color palette. When it comes to picking the right accents, choose something opposite the color wheel of your base color. You can also go for neutral tones like white, black, beige or gray. They will go well with almost any color. Another alternative is to go for a bold shade that looks great against base color you chose. The goal is to add variation to your color palette to prevent it from becoming too kitschy or too matchy-matchy. 

Things to Consider When Picking Your Colors 

Wedding Venue or Location 

For example, you want to hold your wedding at a barn, instead of picking something like bright vivid pink, you want to go for more muted earth colors like maybe an ochre gold, russet red or muted olive green to match the rustic vibe of the place. For venues like tents, warehouses, function halls etc., usually these are kept as a blank slate so guests can personalize the space and add colors they want with ease. 

Keep the Season of the Year in Mind 

Is your wedding going to be in the summer or fall? For a summer wedding, you want the colors you choose to be light and airy, something like pale or orange yellows, bright greens or even a coral shade. For fall colors, jewel tones are beautiful and so are silver and blush shades. Winter weddings are great for light pastels and buff hues. Of course, if the color of your choice won’t easily match the season, don’t think too much about it. As long as you love it, you can find the equivalent value or hue of the color you like and use it. 

Consider the Mood You Want to Convey 

Sometimes picking a wedding color has a lot to do with the mood you’re trying to communicate in the occasion. If drama is what you want, go for bold colors like gold and emerald or even black and red. If you want a vintage style wedding, you can certainly go for bold colors but in a slightly weaker value so they don’t overpower everything. For royal-type weddings, white with a bold purple or splash of red or gold are also favorites. 

Pick Colors You Are Most Drawn To 

Remember, it’s your wedding so it’s important to pick colors you are going to be happy with. Don’t pick colors just because they are on-trend now even if they don’t reflect who you are. The wedding is a representation of the bride and groom, and it should reflect in the wedding design, venue and chosen colors, among others. To help pick your color, you can look at your home or closet and see which shades you most gravitate towards. Then see if you can use that as inspiration or find a similar shade for your wedding. 

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