Creating a wedding website that’s beautiful, stylish and will get your guests excited for your wedding day! 

While custom wedding invitations are still a must-have for most couples, many find a wedding website to be a great supplement as well. 

A website for your wedding isn’t just about sharing information to guests, it can serve as a souvenir of your special day. You can update it after the wedding and send the links to guests, so they can see the festivities, video or photos of that big day. 

Luckily, building a website doesn’t even require you to have complicated HTML knowledge anymore. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as clicking a button. So, here’s where you need to start. 

Pick Your Website Platform 

There are countless 1-click wedding website platforms available today. You can pick from some of the more popular below or go with a platform that deals specifically with weddings since the latter would usually have interesting options for integrating a few other things useful to your wedding.  

  • Wix

Although not made especially for weddings, it’s a great builder filled with easy to use functionality. You can add headers, text, images and even go for custom-templates already available. In fact, you can create a site that’ll instantly wow your guests and family. 

  • Wedding Woo

Wedding Woo specializes in letting you create a truly personalized site. You can even integrate your Instagram feed with your wedding hashtag so you can immediately spot the photos your guests take whenever they use the hashtag. If you have a playlist over at Spotify, you can also integrate it on there if you like. 

  • Squarespace

If you don’t mind spending for your wedding website, one of the easiest website builders is Squarespace. They also have top-notch customer support in case you need help with anything.

Use Password Protection 

While it’s important not to publish sensitive information online, a wedding website can contain your wedding date and time – something you wouldn’t want the public to know except maybe for guests. So once you have the website up and running, think about password protecting it and making the password available to guests only.  

Match the Website Theme to Your Wedding Theme 

If you have a specific theme, it’ll be great if you can come up with a similar theme for your wedding website as well. If you don’t have a theme, go with your wedding’s color palette instead. 

Add a Short Wedding Introduction or Your Story 

Keep this simple and short. No need for long introductions. You can add a short account of how you met as a couple (don’t write an essay!) You can also include where you want to go or what you plan to do after the wedding. Also, please make sure to add only a few wedding engagement photos. There’s nothing more annoying to guests than being flooded with hundreds of images and hardly any information about the event. 

Keep the Information Basic 

While beautiful paper wedding invitations are a classic, having a wedding website lets you add all the other information you can’t include on a paper invite. For instance, details about getting to the venue, reception info, transportation or even parking details. For out of town guests, you can even include information about local places worth exploring while they’re in town as well as recommend local accommodation. 

Include an Option for Online RSVP 

Probably one of the most common ways to use a wedding website is to have it serve as a way to confirm RSVPs. You can do this by picking a wedding website theme with an RSVP management option. You can also use widgets, depending on the type of website builder you’ll use. 

Other Things You Might Want to Add 

Here are other items you might want to add to your wedding website: 

  • Attire and dress code
  • A reminder if it’s an “Adults Only” event
  • Free transportation to and from the venues, if applicable
  • Reminder of RSVP deadline
  • Ceremony start time
  • Reception start time
  • Your wedding hashtag
  • Notes about food allergies or other dietary restrictions
  • Wedding Registry details
  • Your contact information (important!)

Make sure to keep the website updated throughout the engagement. Some guests might want to revisit the site several times as they look for information especially as the date nears. 

And that’s it! To complement your wedding website, you can create fabulous wedding invitations with My Lovely Store. The website offers free custom-made wedding invitation designs along with a selection of wonderful quality papers to fit your style and taste. Each invitation is handmade to ensure the perfect custom wedding invites.

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